Cistercian abbey

Continuing work at Dore Abbey the 1147 monastery in South Herefordshire. Last year we engineered the righting of a precipitously leaning section of historically significant wall, repaired leaking stone roof areas, provided general maintenance, and did structural alterations for the new bell support frame to be fitted in the tower when the bells are returned this year. So good to be involved in the preservation of a building which is now coming back to life after the risk of being lost in previous decades. The Friends of Dore Abbey are doing wonderful work.


Porth-y-Parc, Llwyndu

So pleased to have been involved with Jones & Fraser Ltd in the sympathetic restoration of this ancient barn and cottage Porth-y-Parc Farm on the Llwyndu valley of Sugarloaf mountain near Abergavenny. The masonry was repaired and strengthened with minimal interference in the original structure, and the clients’ use of natural materials throughout has created homes with comfort, atmosphere, and future resilience.