Rebuilding vernacular masonry Golden Valley


Arch had dropped and wall bulged due to lack of bonding. Area cleaned out.



Corner post of original Herefordshire cottage behind failed masonry. The stone had not been built around the post adequately. I rebuilt this section far more strongly. We now have diamond cutters that enable accurate shaping of the stone far more easily around such components

Corner post 2 Corner Post


Arch rebuilt with several new voussiors built deeply back into inner core of wall, all face stone above bonded (lapped over) stones on inner face, and corner repaired too. All the work uses natural lime putty and local aggregates to match the original construction mortar — as distinct from any facing pointing that may be done in future.

Hil Farm completion

Demolished Gate Pier Restored

This gate pier, the right-hand gate attached to it, and a part of the wall itself, were demolished down to the foundations when a car missed the bend and hit the pier head-on. Luckily only a few stones suffered actual damage including the coping, if this had been concrete there would have been shearing effects all over it.

The right-hand gate was bent, this was straightened by and while restoring the pier and its capital (coping) I worked with them refixing the hinges to provide a 10mm tolerance where the gates latch, including room for future adjustment as the wall settles over time. Broken stones were reused within the pier where damage is not visible, and parts of the work involved stainless steel pin repairs.

I understand that the driver walked away from the wreckage.