Kilpeck the Romanesque

This church is my favourite in the Marches. We have been removing cement and Victorian coal-ash mortar over the past five years and replacing with a lime mortar that both replicates the original mortar and protects the stonework from further erosion particularly near ground level where water was not evaporating adequately.

The colour change has also been beneficial, from grey mass of masonry to a better defined rubble stonework in the panels this has brightened the building and shows the historic carvings on a more appropriate background. We also replaced some of the stone roof tiles this year


Porth-y-Parc, Llwyndu

So pleased to have been involved with Jones & Fraser Ltd in the sympathetic restoration of this ancient barn and cottage Porth-y-Parc Farm on the Llwyndu valley of Sugarloaf mountain near Abergavenny. The masonry was repaired and strengthened with minimal interference in the original structure, and the clients’ use of natural materials throughout has created homes with comfort, atmosphere, and future resilience.

Repointing Detail

This picture is a closeup of my early phases of repointing at Kilpeck Church. The mortar using natural lime was developed and specified by John Goom the conservation architect, and has proved compatible with other local conservation requirements since it matches construction mortar in consistency and colour while providing good weather protection breathability and low crush strength. It is shown next to the historic door columns.