Laying new flagstones

A terrace 5m x 15m bordered by a drystone wall and copings made from stone recovered during site clearance.

These flagstones are up to 3″ thick x up to 5 feet 6″ in length, creating a terrace that looks and feels traditional. Supplied by Tony Muhl’s red sandstone quarry at Urishay 01873 860357



Rolls (Royce) clock tower

Doing some inspections of ornamentation recently: Looking back four years on the refurbished clock tower at the Rolls Hendre mansion. I worked on the stone and brick, Rolls Royce aero engineers from Bristol expertly overhauled the clock and bells mechanism. Technology has moved on since Charles Rolls’ time, he died in 1910 when his early days aircraft broke up in flight. His clock ticks on…IMG_20150319_164320

New stone mullioned windows and repaired arch two years on

The windows below are shown in an earlier post two years ago while being made. Here it is again slightly weathered. This job involved shaping existing walls into window jambs, making cills and inserting a lintol. This was conversion of a stable block to accommodation in a historic castle.

The arched doorway was repaired with new sections and Lithomex stone reconstitution in areas – the whole wall had collapsed and the remains of the arch pieces had to be carefully recovered. The wall above/behind the arch was not rebuilt by myself.