Bank Jobs by Night

Creating new doorways into banks in order to create disability access (DDA) usually means adapting windows into doors. Banks tend to have stone constructed windows so these windows must be reformed to create the new doorways. This alteration from window to door also requires the maintenance of strong security during the process, forcing us to work in tight spaces, cutting through thick heavy stone plinths, and having to make tricky joints while maintaining the integrity of the structure. This picture below was at Ashton-Under-Lyne after bank hours

Ashton under Lyne HSBC1


Where it will goAbergavenny HSBC

Here’s a rather fuzzy picture of the Abergavenny HSBC door that started life as a window. The colour of the new Bath stone jambs to ground level will very quickly weather to the same colour. They are already mellowed and inevitably were immediately damaged by things bashing into them, but it all adds character!

Abergavenny HSBC

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